July 20, 2018


RFF Radio is RealityFanForum.com‘s Reality TV Podcast. Every week, Rob & Trevor talk about the latest in the world of Reality TV.

Rob lives in Nebraska and Trevor lives in the New York area. It is impossible for Trevor & Rob to meet each week so, through the miracle of the internet, we come together and record the #1 Reality Television Podcasts on the internet.

On October 13th 2005, RFF Radio was recognized by iTunes as one of the most popular Television related podcast in their catalog. Then, on October 25th, 2005, Yahoo! Podcasts featured the RFF Podcast on their New & Noteworthy section on the front page of their website. With these two events, RFF Reality TV Radio rapidly expanded their listener base, jumping to THOUSANDS of listeners each week.

Then, on January 5th, 2006, iTunes featured our Reality TV Podcast as a recommended TV & Film podcast in their directory, featuring a link to TV & Film on their podcasting start page. A link in the TV & Film section of recommended podcasts is still there to this day.

Rob & Trevor had has the honor of talking with some of the most popular (and unpopular) Reality TV Stars, getting the inside scoop of everyone’s favorite Reality TV Shows, plus breaking some big news. The most prominent being how the producers of Big Brother stopped Eric (BB8) from using the veto. Jessica (also from BB8) dropped this bombshell in RFF Reality TV Podcast #122, on October 11th, 2007.

New shows are posted, generally, every Thursday night. You can get the show through iTunes, your favorite podcatcher program, or by directly downloading the MP3 file.

Be sure to visit RealityFanForum.com for the latest news, and articles, and be sure to stop at the Message Boards for all the discussion you can handle.

Stay tuned, more to come on this page!