May 24, 2018

BJ & Tyler Interview – Reality TV Podcast #53 – June 7th, 2006

- The Amazing Race Discussion
- All over the place from there
- BJ & Tyler Interview
- Next Live Show – Wednesday June 14th, 2006 9pm EST

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  1. Pauline Santillo says:

    Congratulations BJ and Tyler. I had to wait up till 11.30pm to see who won. And the best and most deserved team did win. Friendly and honest men, well done. I am so pleased for you. The right team won. Pauline Santillo

  2. Winely says:

    Congratulations Guys, you are the best… I am from Venezuela so I haven´t see the last episode. But I readed in this side and you both were the best team.
    A lot of kisses.


  3. Praveen.KC says:

    Hey, BJ and tyler, ur the best, keep up the gud work, screw the mojo team and eric. u gotta win the race…..,


    Praveen from Bangalore, India

  4. Marina says:

    I’m so glad,u guys finnaly wins..congrats 4 u guyz..lotz of kiss for u..n hopefully i can meet u guyz,somehow..

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