July 20, 2018

Reality TV Podcast #337: Survivor Ep1 & Amazing Race Cast Preview

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We talk about Survivor Episode #1 and Preview the cast of The Amazing Race 20. Guest Tye.


  1. brianaangel says:

    Didn’t Yao Man start a fire with his eyeglasses?? I know someone on Survivor did it… just sayin. <3 Your podcast!!!

    • MikeK says:

      Yes Yau-Man made fire with his glasses in FvF. I know of 4 players who have done this:

      S01 (Borneo): Gretchen used BB’s glasses to make fire
      S14 (Fiji): Michelle Yi used Yau-Man’s glasses to make fire
      S16 (FvF): Yau-Man put a drop of water on his glasses to make fire
      S21 (Nicaragua): Jane used her own reading glasses to make fire

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