July 20, 2018

Moving to a brand new server!

We are moving. Well, not really, but our server is!!! This server move should take care of some of the problems that a few of you have been reporting. You probably won’t see much of a change, other than the podcast loading a bit faster, and the transfer should be somewhat seemless. However, if you […]

The show must go on…

…but maybe a bit delayed. Nebraska has been hit with a HORRIBLE blizzard and knocked out our power. The only way I have power right now is a generator and the tractor. The show might be a bit delayed, maybe by a day or so. Our power company is hoping that by Wednesday morning we […]

Our interview is setup!

After getting everything arranged, we have our interview scheduled. Next Wednesday night Trevor & I will sit down with Coby from Survivor 10: Palau. We look forward to talking with him, and talk about life after Survivor, what it is really like to be on the show, and what really happened in Palau. He also […]

All this press is great

Guess what? We have once again been recognized by a major player in Podcasts. Over at Yahoo! Podcasts we are displayed on the front page. If you want to check it out, here is the link: http://podcasts.yahoo.com/ I want to personally thank all of our listeners for everything they have done for us. If it […]

Problems getting the podcast?

I am just writing this to see if ANYONE has had problems getting our shows? If you are, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me rob@rffradio.com or show@rffradio.com

Reality TV Podcast – RFF Radio on iTunes front page

Ok, this wasn’t the big announcement I was promising, but a surprising one nonetheless. iTunes Podcast page has put RFF Reality TV Radio on its front page of podcasts. This is very exciting for us. This will REALLY make our listeners base expand. In one day, we have had the same number of downloads that […]

Big Annoucement coming soon!

We have a big interview coming up soon [hopefully ;)]. If everything works out we will be announcing our first interview with a former Reality TV Star! We hope to have all the details finalized in the next few days, and will be announcing it here on the blog or during the next podcast. Trevor […]

Welcome to the new website

Welcome to our new website! Be sure to update your bookmarks – http://www.rffradio.com Trevor and I are looking forward to having more access to our listeners, and our listeners having more access to us. Trevor & I will be writing here every once in a while, our latest shows will be posted, and other fun […]