July 20, 2018

New Website!!

Look everyone! We have an updated website! I want to thank Summer over at FarPoint Media for working so very hard on this new site! It looks amazing! I have some playing around to do to check out all the new things we can do here, but everyone needs to keep checking it out. Trevor […]

No Show Dec 9th – Next Show Dec 15th

Because of some scheduling conflicts with Trevor & my personal life, we can’t do a show on Dec 9th and will do our TAR & Survivor Recaps on Dec 15th at 9p…come back then!! SORRY Rob

Live show MIGHT be Delayed tonite by few minutes

The interview schedule with the latest kicked off The Amazing Race is way behind! I am told that I may not get a chance to talk to them until around 9p eastern. We will start our live show just as soon as possible! UPDATE 8:13pm: Just finished my interview with the The Amazing Race contestants…we […]

No live show this week…only interviews

With me being gone for work this week, and Trevor’s schedule not working out either, we will not be having a live show this week, but I will be releasing my interviews tomorrow before I head out, so we will have a show this week, just not a super long one!! We will be back […]

You might have to re-subscribe to our iTunes feed

Hey everyone, due to some changes over at iTunes, you may have to re-subscribe to our feed there, to make sure you have get the latest show! http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=74171994 So, make sure you have the current link!! THANKS

Its Official – Rob & Trevor sign with FarPoint Media

Lets make this official Everyone: http://www.farpointmedia.net/2008/07/30/farpoint-media-showcases-new-reality-podcast/ Reality TV has become a fact of life and regardless of which side of the aisle one stands on the issue, the popularity of such shows as “Survivor,” “Big Brother,” “The Amazing Race” and “The Mole” is not in question. These and other reality-based television programming consistently win their […]

No Reality TV Podcast This Week

Sorry everyone, can’t do the show this week, but will be back stronger than ever on July 22nd at 10pm Eastern. See you then!! Listen to Rob, talking by himself, explaining this week.

Live show moved to Saturday morning

Ok everyone, we had to move the show once again, at 11am on Saturday morning. Sorry about the mixup, so see you Saturday morning for our show!!!

Live Show moved to Wednesday at 9pm Eastern

Sorry everyone, but we had to move the live show to Wednesday July 2nd, at 9pm eastern. Hope to see everyone back then! Rob

Our Live Shows…Now using StickAM

Ok everyone, because of some changes over at Talkshoe, we will be “pausing” our shows on Talkshoe. We will, however, still be doing live shows, thur StickAM. From my testing that I have done today, it seems that this will be MUCH EASIER than Talkshoe as well. SO, for our next live show, you will […]