March 7, 2015

Reality TV Podcast #435: Survivor and Amazing Race Premiere

Rob, Danny & Nico talk about the premiere episodes of Survivor and The Amazing Race, and talk about the upcoming Oscars as well.

Reality TV Podcast #434: The Amazing Race 24 Cast Preview

We preview the cast of The Amazing Race 24, and talk House of Cards, other TV shows and movies.

Reality TV Podcast #433: Reality TV Awards for 2013 are announced

We hand out the 2013 Reality TV Awards and a couple of special guest join us to accept their award!

Reality TV Podcast #432: Go Vote

Go vote in the RFF Reality TV Awards – – Last week to do so…we will announce winners on Feb 10

Reality TV Podcast #431: Jason & Amy from Amazing Race Interview

We talk to Winners of The Amazing Race 23, Jason & Amy. Go vote for them in the Reality TV Awards…

Reality TV Podcast #430: Elissa Big Brother Interview

We talk to Elissa Reilly from Big Brother 15 in this show!

Reality TV Podcast – Go Vote for 2013 Awards

Short show promoting the 2013 Reality TV Awards. Go vote:

Reality TV Podcast #429: Reality TV Award Nominations

Rob, Trevor, Nico & Danny finish up the 2013 Reality TV Award Nominations

Reality TV Podcast #428: Survivor Finale Pt 2

Rob & Trevor discuss the Survivor Finale and get a little off topic too

Reality TV Podcast #427: Survivor Finale

Rob, Danny & late Nico talk about the Survivor Finale and a few other off topic things.