July 20, 2018


We could not continue to do this show without the generous help of the sponsors below. Their financail support has helped us greatly, and we appricate thier help.

Do you want to reach a unique audience with an Advertisement in our Podcast heard by THOUSANDS of weekly listeners? OF COURSE YOU DO! Just send an email to show@rffradio.com and we can discuss the details!!

Ads will be placed at the beginning of each of our shows. All of this for a great low price.


Current Sponsors:

Netflix – http://www.rffradio.com/movies

Past Sponsors:

5 Buck Pizza
You can get a pizza for 5 bucks with any of our 12 original toppings
4126 S 1785 W in Salt Lake City, Utah


HBO – Big Love
Sunday’s at 10pm/9c
Episodes: 40, 41, & 42

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